CWJC The Bridge

A Hope Ministry


Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty for men and women and their families.

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CWJC HOPE has been successful for OVER 17 years with an 80% success rate


COMMUNITY NEED:  1 adult with 2 children needs to earn a minimum of $48,651 annually to provide for 7 essentials in North Carolina.

BUSINESS NEED:  Local businesses are looking for employees who are trainable, have a good work ethic, are problem solvers, and have teamwork skills.

COMMUNITY NEED:  Wilmington workforce earns less than $25,000 per year.  The poverty rate for female households with children under the age of 5 is 62% and 46.6% with children under the age of 18.  It takes 2-5 years for a person to begin breaking out of poverty and it requires a mentor for this to happen.


CWJC HOPE MEETS THAT NEED by promoting higher education, providing tutoring, transportation, and sometimes assisting with funds for educational expenses.

CWJC HOPE MEETS THAT NEED through various career development classes that include proper dress in the workplace, workplace etiquette, how to deal with difficult people, hands on problem solving skills, and effective communication skills.

CWJC HOPE MEETS THAT NEED by walking along side these men and women, empowering and equipping them with like skills as well as providing job preparedness and job readiness classes.


Ways to Become Involved

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Our First Blog Post is Coming Soon!

We are excited to be sharing the stories of CWJC The Bridge.


Dates To Remember

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May 2

The Parade of Tables

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August 26

Volunteer Orientation

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September 5

Mentor Training