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Mary Ellen Bowman

Site Coordinator |

Being the site director, since 2003, is one of the most thrilling moments for me.  I have the honor to meet someone’s brokenness in my own brokenness and from that moment forward witness the transformation that breaks through as someone begins to dream, begins to stand in confidence and step into a much brighter present future.  It is the most humbling experience each time it happens. All from a dream I had in 1999. From that dream I walked away from my profession to follow where the dream was taking me, and is still taking me. Little did I know that all those skills from the business world would be used in such a way to impact lives, eternally.  I lead by equipping others to lead, I follow by empowering others into positions that fits. My ultimate concern is the intimate relationship with each participant and with each volunteer we know as mentoring. There are still many dreams and visions to be filled, come join me.

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4700 Wrightsville AVE, Wilmington, NC 28403


Phone: 910.833.4485

Fax: 910.321.8275

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