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We covenant with our volunteers and offer to them an opportunity to grow in their own confidence and spirituality. We are a faith-based ministry, and just like each of us need help to go through life, we need help to serve. There are many ways a person can use their strengths, gifts and talents at The Bridge.  If you want to work behind the scenes, we need coordinators for our meals, volunteer coordinators, birthday celebration coordinators, media coordinators, grant writing, prayer commitments, fundraising network coordinators, life skill teachers, job readiness and job preparedness skill teachers, needs assessment coordinators for community, churches, and employers, clerical helps, advocate in the community to meet needs of those in poverty, childcare coordinator, serve on Board. Training in each area is provided.


You can collect many different items for us that will be used to help our women, men, and children thrive! You can check out the full list below. If you like to shop on Amazon, you can link us through the Amazon Smile Giving program and we receive 0.05% of the amount you spend with Amazon. We won’t know who you are or what you purchase, but we love seeing those Amazon deposits come into our checking account! You can find us as: Christian Women’s Job Corp, Wilmington, NC.

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There are some common needs these hurting people share. Someone to care, someone to believe in them and give them a chance, someone to hold them accountable, someone who will push them toward success, someone to celebrate their successes, and someone to teach them the unwritten rules of middle class, in the workplace, and in their own lives. Your donations will help us meet those needs in our community!

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